You can pay Google or Facebook for every click and work all the way down to get leads...  





1. You tell us about the product/service you want to market (BTC)

2. We send you a quote (How much you will pay for each lead)  

3. We make specific landing page for your product/service (respecting your corporate brand). See examples

4. We advertise your product/service (we DO NOT use email databases).

5. Done! You start getting your leads in your email and CRM

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“Yesterday I had to make, fortunately, 14 calls, which led to a series of conversations, such as sending flyers, budgets, etc. A marvel! I started at 9 in the morning and it was 6 in the afternoon and I continued with the calls!”

—Claudio A. Cooper Mendoza - CEO en Domus Robótica Sanitaria. Argentina—

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“Their services are excellent, I really like the speed with which they follow up on each observation, the campaigns generate a lot of interest and a good return on investment.”

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—Daymara Martinez - Founder and CEO en I&O Group. México—


No startup costs

Avoid the costs of: creation of advertising pieces, landing page assembly, adjustment / learning costs. You pay only for each contact


We send you the contact information by email, at the same time that it is generated in the landing page form that we designed for you. And you can also see them, in real time, and download them from your control panel.

Without complications

Without using your time in design, content creation, in understanding concepts such as CTR, CPC, CPA, among others. Now, finally, you can dedicate yourself to what you know best: YOUR BUSINESS

Integration with your CRM

In the event that you have a CRM and want the contact details in your CRM, we integrate our system with the most CRMs in the market.

No contracts

You wont have sign a contract where you agree to remain a certain amount of time or pay a monthly fee. If you wish, we would sign a non-disclosure agreement.

We globalize your sales

We promote products / services in the vast majority of countries. The only restriction is the countries "sanctioned" by US law (they are very, very few) since our company is incorporated in this country.

No agency fee

Do not incur in monthly expenses that then you must include in the calculation of your CPL (cost per lead / contact).

Earn Likes, comments and “shares” for FREE

We can associate the advertising we do to your Facebook pages, which generates many interactions: likes, comments and shares, which in turn, generate new contacts for FREE.

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"Working with Xetica / Leads In Your Inbox is working with effective people. They know what they do and that brings results in a short period of time. They listened to us and knew where we were in the market. They gave us their professional point of view on how we could have a better presence in our social networks and the web, in order to get leads. Very satisfied with the service."

—Alan Guardia - Khutech. Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina—

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"We had a great experience with Xetica, from the service, response time, to the results with good quality of leads. In the logistics field it is usually difficult to get qualified new contacts, however in this case we were able to close 3 out of 10 leads. Really flexible and comprehensive, I would highly recommend them."

—Roberto Porter - Director de Marketing y Ventas en Monkey Group México—


How do you get leads / contacts?

Exclusively through advertising specifically designed for each of the services / products of our customers. We mainly use Google and Facebook. And we DO NOT use databases.

Do you charge for contacts with invalid or duplicate emails?

No. Our system automatically extracts invalid and duplicate emails. However, please keep in mind that it is not possible to detect typing errors. According to our experience, these errors appear in less than 1% of all generated contacts. Yes, you can receive an inquiry from the same email / contact every two months. We consider as a new contact the one who returns to communicate with our customers through our advertising after 60 days.

How are contacts paid?

After receiving our quote, login to the Control Panel, add a credit card and select to be charged every 25 or 50 contacts. The total amount that will be charged is the result of multiplying the number of contacts by the quote we sent you.

Can the service be stopped at any time?

Yes. Simply login to the Control Panel and press the “Cancel subscription” button.

Do you create landing pages in any language?

Yes. For languages other than English or Spanish we are going to ask you to provide us with the content: title, content, text for the buttons, etc., for the landing pages and for the advertising pieces.

Do they perform retargeting?

Yes. And the Custom Audiences we create for this, are also used to create Lookalike Audiences and reach a wider audience.

Do you also use Chatbots for lead generation?

Yes. Chat Bots are a relatively new and powerful marketing tool. When our customers' strategy is in line with this tool, we will implement it.

Do you provide the text / communication of the landing pages?

Yes. We suggest the content, but it is you who approve it, or if you wish, you can suggest it in the first place.

Do you sell the same contact to two or more customers?

No. That goes against our philosophy and values.

If you fail to generate any contact, should we pay anything?

No, the risk is ours. We only charge for generated contacts.